I accidentally deleted one of my bookmarks folder (in Chrome v57) while trying to rename it. Somehow Chrome doesn't provide a helpful "Undo delete bookmark" command when you delete something from the Bookmark bar. Well, there's potentially a way to get your deleted links back as long as you didn't close & reopen Chrome after the incident.


  • Go there: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\
  • There should be two files called..
    • Bookmarks : current bookmarks file of your current browser session.
      • Not helpful.
    • Bookmarks.bak : backup bookmarks file from your last session.
      • Potentially helpful: if your deleted bookmark(s) were in your last browsing session, you're in luck.
  • Convert Bookmarks.bak into something importable for Chrome: a .html file.
  • Import your backed-up bookmarks:
    • Chrome -> [ ⋮ ] -> Bookmarks -> "Import bookmarks and settings..."
    • Select "Import" option: "Bookmarks HTML File"
    • Click: "Choose file"
    • Select the previously downloaded file.
    • Done.
  • All of your backed up bookmarks should be in a folder called "Imported" in the bookmarks bar.
  • You can extract your deleted bookmarks from "Imported", and delete the rest.